Dustin spoke with Ruinous Media ahead of his North American tour – listen back to the full conversation here.

“Dustin shares how his early relationship with music influenced his trajectory to go from a rock-oriented guitarist and singer to a solo pianist creating instrumental music. He tells us how 1 0 0 1 evolved from a performance dance piece to expansive sonic journey and functioned as a bridge to a new artistic path. Dustin and Joe discuss his process in writing and recording 1 0 0 1, Dustin walks us through the inspiration behind the four movements and he explains why texture drives his creativity. The two celebrate the power of re-amping and we hear two pieces from 1 0 0 1.”

Full details of the tour is available via the “Live” page.

October 2024 European Tour

Happy to announce new shows in the EU this fall and performing some new music- ticket links via here and on sale now.

OCT. 14 GRONINGEN, NL – De Oosterpoort
OCT. 15 AMSTERDAM, NL – Koninklijk Concertgebouw
OCT. 17 BRUSSELS, BE – Église Notre-Dame de Laeken
OCT. 18 PARIS, FR – Café de la Danse
OCT. 21 BERLIN, DE – Colosseum

Photo Anna Maggý

Thank you for everyone who has taken time to listen to 1 0 0 1, and for all your great feedback, it means a lot! There are still some limited edition art prints signed by me, that come with an album purchase, check here! -much gratitude- Dustin

I am so happy to finally share the entire record of 1 0 0 1 with you. This record has been a long journey, starting as a dance piece with many philosophical discussions on nature, consciousness, technology, and the body with choreographer Fukiko Takase, and then returning to the material and re-imagining it as a standalone experience. Making the record felt almost indulgent, exploring themes that I am personally interested in, but I hope you will enjoy this journey. My deep thanks to Bryan Senti, who co-wrote the first two chapters with me and was a huge encouragement to release this work. I created it to be experienced as a whole, listening to it from start to finish, perhaps a lot to ask in this moment, but I think these immersive moments are needed even more now. Play it loud! Available on digital, LP and CD here.

thank you to everyone who helped create this recording!

cover artwork- Slater Bradley
mixed by Francesco Donadello
violin- Bryan Senti
production and programming- Paul Corley
orchestra: Budapest Art Orchestra
orchestrated by Roman Vinuesa
recorded by Francesco Donadello and Bergur Thorisson
processed cello – Clarice Jensen
Auður Guðjohnsen
Hildigunnur Einarsdóttir
Ingibjorg Frida Helgadottir
Jona G Kolbrunardottir
Lilja Dögg Gunnarsdóttir
Sunna Karen Einarsdottir
Thelma Hrönn Sigurdórsdóttir
Thorunn Vala Valdimarsdottir

Harmonic Dream Sequence. The third chapter of Dustin’s new record 1 0 0 1. Listen here.

The 3rd chapter of 1 0 0 1 , ‘Harmonic Dream Sequence,’ takes us through a vortex and down a rabbit hole. It’s a sonic exploration of our current zeitgeist, delving into the dream-like state we are entering in the age of AI, where our ideas of reality and what it means to be conscious are blurred. It’s a moment shared with technology before we step into the unknown. I aimed to explore a completely electronic world, primarily recorded with analogue synths to maintain an organic touch, complemented by additional production from Paul Corley. The visuals, crafted by Reykjavik-based digital artist Owen Hindley, perfectly capture this essence in both imagery and words.

Dustin returns to North America for a short run of shows this summer. Tickets on sale now – Details via https://dustinohalloran.com/live/

Jun. 29 : New York – Le Poisson Rouge – (Support Clarice Jensen) – Sold out
Jul. 03 : Montreal – Montreal Jazz Festival – Gesu
Jul. 07 : LA – Masonic Lodge – (Support Bryan Senti) – Sold out
Jul. 08 : LA – Masonic Lodge – (Support Bryan Senti) – Sold out

The music video for Dustin O’Halloran’s “Spiritus Naturae Aeternus,” featuring the evocative dance and choreography of Fukiko Takase, serves as a poignant allegory for the cycle of life. The long, uninterrupted scenes uphold the dance’s integrity and allow the choreography to connect with the haunting melodies, the requiem-like cadence, and the profound themes of O’Halloran’s composition. The contrast between Iceland’s natural beauty and the desolate urban settings provides a transformative journey from organic to artificial environments. Within a bleak world, Takase’s dance becomes an expression of the enduring process of growth, renewal, and eventual decay – Markus Englmair

Directed by Markus Englmair
Choreography and Performance: Fukiko Takase
Producers: Erlendur Sveinsson, Kári Úlfsson
Costume Designer: Sigrún Jörgensen
Costume Assistant: Guðmundur Ragnarsson
Cinematography: Markus Englmair
1st AC: Hjálmar Þór Hjálmarsson
Production Company: Sensor.tv
Music Composed by Dustin O’Halloran, Bryan Senti

Shot in Iceland in December 2023.

Dustin O’Halloran is excited to release the first single, ‘Spiritus Naturae Aeternus’, from his upcoming album ‘1 0 0 1’. This first piece is a collaboration with his friend and composer/violinist Bryan Senti, and was recorded in Iceland with a choir and features the Budapest Art Orchestra. Stay tuned for more updates about the album coming out March 22nd. Find out more at https://dg.lnk.to/1001.



Upcoming European Tour
I’m performing throughout Europe this October and November, ooking forward to this next run of shows accompanied by Echo Collective on strings, hope to see you there!
Оct. 15 – Kilkenny, Ireland – Set Theatre – Tickets *
Оct. 16 – Dublin, Ireland – Liberty Hall Theatre – Tickets *
Оct. 17 – Hamburg, Germany – Elbphilharmonie (Kleiner) – Tickets
Оct. 20 – Madrid, Spain – National Music Auditorium – Tickets
Оct. 21 – Barcelona, Spain – Sala Apolo – Tickets *
Оct. 28 – Cesis, Latvia – Vidzeme Concert Hall – Tickets *
Оct. 30 – Zürich, Switzerland – Kaufleuten – Tickets **
Nov. 01 – Genève, Switzerland – Salle de L’Alhambra – Tickets
Nov. 02 – Helsinki, Finland – Kulttuuritalo – Tickets ***
Nov. 04 – Reykjavík, Iceland – Gamla Bio – Iceland Airwaves – Tickets

* Support from Margaret Hermant
** Support from Nebno
*** with Alessandro Cortini, Lau Nau, Kaukolampi