1 0 0 1 Released

I am so happy to finally share the entire record of 1 0 0 1 with you. This record has been a long journey, starting as a dance piece with many philosophical discussions on nature, consciousness, technology, and the body with choreographer Fukiko Takase, and then returning to the material and re-imagining it as a standalone experience. Making the record felt almost indulgent, exploring themes that I am personally interested in, but I hope you will enjoy this journey. My deep thanks to Bryan Senti, who co-wrote the first two chapters with me and was a huge encouragement to release this work. I created it to be experienced as a whole, listening to it from start to finish, perhaps a lot to ask in this moment, but I think these immersive moments are needed even more now. Play it loud! Available on digital, LP and CD here.

thank you to everyone who helped create this recording!

cover artwork- Slater Bradley
mixed by Francesco Donadello
violin- Bryan Senti
production and programming- Paul Corley
orchestra: Budapest Art Orchestra
orchestrated by Roman Vinuesa
recorded by Francesco Donadello and Bergur Thorisson
processed cello – Clarice Jensen
Auður Guðjohnsen
Hildigunnur Einarsdóttir
Ingibjorg Frida Helgadottir
Jona G Kolbrunardottir
Lilja Dögg Gunnarsdóttir
Sunna Karen Einarsdottir
Thelma Hrönn Sigurdórsdóttir
Thorunn Vala Valdimarsdottir